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Diabetic Support Diet Program -

30 Day Plan

Our blood sugar support program incorporates food, teas and unique herbal supplements from Portugal and Japan.  This Diabetic Support Program is a 1 month starter program.  Food is Medicine.


The safest way to balance blood sugar and lose weight is to eat healthy food.

At Joseph's Organic Bakery we believe that proper Diet is the Key to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Our bread is made with ancient grains. We stone grind our grains daily. Then we start the fermentation process. Our unique preparation process ensures optimal nutrients and enzymes in every loaf.  We also have high quality herbs and supplements from Japan and Portugal that enhance the effectiveness of the program.

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How can you lower blood sugar by eating bread?

Our bread is made with organic kamut flour that we STONE GRIND FRESH daily for optimal nutritional benefits.  Consuming stone ground kamut bread prevents blood sugar spikes.  

Our bread is SUGAR FREE, oil free, vegan, made with 100% wholegrain kamut (no refined flour).  No bromides or artificial dough risers. To learn more about the benefits of our special bread please click here.

Our bread is high in fiber as well.  We focus on making every bite count. Our bread provides the HIGHEST NUTRIENT TO CALORIE RATIO Possible. If the body is properly nourished then food cravings will disappear.  The right kind of bread promotes steady blood sugar levels.


Additionally studies have shown that KAMUT lowers blood sugar and aids weight loss.  Our sourdough is unlike any other. We do not add any white or refined flour to our bread & baked goods. We use 100% ORGANIC wholegrain kamut.  OUR BREAD HELPS MAINTAIN STEADY BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS WHICH ALSO AIDS WEIGHT LOSS. Many of our clients have lost weight safely and effectively.


Did you know that 20 percent of Americans over the age of 45 suffer from diabetes?  Unfortunately, the numbers are increasing due to poor diet choices and a sedentary lifestyle. 

Eating processed foods, highly refined sugars, and animal proteins can lead to the development of blood sugar highs and lows.  This blood sugar roller coaster wears down the pancreas and will eventually lead to diabetes.  Taking diabetes medications long term can cause several side effects such as bloating, b12 deficiency, nausea, and diarrhea. It can lead to chronic inflammation, arthritis, and digestive illness.  Perhaps most of all, these medications strain the kidneys, which is why many diabetics end up with kidney disease as well.


Our excellent Diabetes Support 30-Day Diet Plan contains everything you need to reduce diabetic symptoms. This inclusive 30-day diet program is designed for people with type-2 diabetes. With key components like teas, special bread, and potent herbal supplements, the blood sugar support program is a natural way to alkalize the body and rejuvenate the pancreas.

Our comprehensive diet program is effective in balancing blood sugar levels utilizing proper diet. Our Diabetes Support 30-Day Diet Plan includes our ancient grain bread that is rich in essential nutrients and fiber which helps digestion and lowers blood sugar levels.


Our 30-day diet program helps control blood sugar levels naturally and reduce weight gain. The diet program ensures that you get the proper nutrients and an excellent caloric ratio filled with the goodness of superfood breads, special teas, sea moss minerals, and herbs.

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Reduce Diabetes with Healthy Superfoods

At Joseph's Organic Bakery, we know that managing diabetes usually includes changing what you eat. Superfoods are full of natural goodness and essential nutrients to help you improve your body's response to insulin.  

Superfoods like Kamut have an adequate quantity of soluble and insoluble fiber to improve your blood sugar levels. Naturally rich in healthy fats and nutrients, superfoods can lower the risk of complications and reduce cholesterol levels.

Our plan ensures that you can better monitor your eating habits. By balancing your portions, and monitoring your eating habits, incorporating this plan into your diet is a great way to balance your blood sugar level safely.

Don’t let diabetes take a toll on your health. Eat healthy superfoods by following the Diabetes Support 30-Day diet program and achieve a healthier life!

Diabetes Support 30-Day Diet Program-

Your Path to Wellness

How it Works

When trying to manage diabetes, it is essential to look at your body as a "whole." The smallest change in your diet or routine can have a significant effect on various aspects of your body, especially your weight and blood sugar. Our 30 days diet program focuses on providing you with the healthiest combination of superfoods to help you stabilize insulin and blood sugar levels. 

We formulated this diet program with beneficial natural and organic foods and teas that can keep you healthy by:

  • Detoxifying the body

  • Increasing weight loss

  • Improving pancreatic functions

  • Reducing inflammation

What does the Plan include?

10 Kamut Sourdough Breads

Our Kamut sourdough bread is a major component in our Diabetes Support 30-Day diet program. It is very nutritious, contains plenty of fiber, and is excellent at lowering blood sugar levels. The highly nutritious bread also helps in weight loss. 

When eaten in correct portions, the bread can help reduce inflammation levels and increase levels of magnesium and potassium. Unlike other bread, we use only wholegrain ancient grain Kamuts at Joseph's Organic Bakery.

The special Kamut bread doesn't have any refined flour and is an excellent source of magnesium, probiotics, zinc, vitamin B1, B3, and phosphorus. We provide ten loaves of 100 percent organic whole grain Kamut in our 30-day diet to accelerate the weight loss process.

In addition to helping you lose weight, our naturally ground Kamut sourdough bread,

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Aids the digestive system

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Excellent source of Fiber & Nutrients

One feature that makes sourdough bread the best ingredient in diet programs is that it is stone ground. It is whole grain as we don’t remove the bran and organic components, unlike most commercial whole wheat flours. That leaves our bread with loads of fiber and nutrients.

There’s nothing artificial, no preservatives or added fiber that’s harmful for health.  It’s natural, so it stabilizes blood sugar faster without affecting your digestive system. The wholegrain digests the food slowly and keeps your sugar levels in control.

In contrast, refined or white flour products can cause your blood sugar levels to spike.

Green Tea

Our 30-day diabetes diet program includes the highest quality green tea, which helps people with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Cistus Tea

Both green and cistus tea make an incredible combo to rejuvenate the thyroid and pancreas, reduce weight, and stabilize your blood sugar levels. At Joseph Organic Bakery, we believe in selling only the highest-grade products. 

Our cistus tea comes with proven benefits to detoxify the kidneys and liver, which helps you lower inflammation and lose Weight. Cistus tea is another component of the diet program to improve the pancreas and thyroid while lowering blood sugar levels.

Diabetics often suffer from severe internal inflammation. However, when you combine it with green tea, which offers great anti-inflammatory effects, the combination works better to lower or manage blood sugar symptoms.

Our founder, Joseph, suffered from chronic diabetes, inflammation and pain in his arm and neck.  He searched hard and long for a safe and long-term solution to the problem. He used this protocol and was able to reverse his diabetes within months.

Benefit from this powerful and healthy combination. Order today!


Chronic diabetes may lead to low libido and energy. Our Boost herbal supplement in the diet program improves your stamina and reduces adrenal fatigue. The supplement provides much-needed support and fuel your body requires to function optimally throughout the day. When taken daily, the supplement improves kidney function and adrenal glands.

Improve your reduced energy with Boost herbal supplement in the diet program!


No diet is complete without natural minerals.  And purple sea moss in our Diabetes support 30-day diet program serves the purpose. It does everything from revamping your immune system and promoting healthy digestion to increasing metabolism and energy. 

The mineral-rich product features vital compounds and vitamins that your body needs. It includes potent minerals such as zinc, potassium, iron, and magnesium. The product in our diet program helps you;

  • Boosts Energy

  • Supports Immune Function

  • Removes toxins and mucus

  • Balance thyroid hormones

  • Supports a Healthy Gut

Whether you need to lose weight because of diabetes or combat, manage, and control the symptoms, the Diabetes support 30-day diet program can help!

Have it delivered to your doorstep without paying any additional shipping charges. You can also split payments into 4 using Shop Pay.

10 Kamut Sourdough Breads $60 ($15 each)

1 Cistus Tea  (anti-inflammatory and boosts energy)  $45

1 Green Tea  $45

1 Boost Energy Supplement (for men and women) $65

1 Purple Sea Moss

$25 Shipping Included in Price


Call us today at 954-541-4062 to book your Diabetes Support 30-Day Diet Program and start a healthy lifestyle!

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