IBS Support Diet Program


The focus of this program is to rebuild and revitalize the digestive system through food and natural herbs.  Please click here to see the full product list included in the program or call for more information 954-541-4062 (ask for Joseph).


At The Healthy Vegan Bakery (Joseph's Organic Bakery), our bread is made as it was in the times of the Talmud.  Our kamut grain is stone ground fresh and we bake within 3 hours.  Our  proprietary grinding and preparation process ensures OPTIMUM VITAMINS, ENZYMES & FIBER in every loaf.  The flour is FREE of dough conditioners, preservatives, rising agents, bromides, and toxic chemicals.  OUR BREADS AND CAKES ARE MADE WITH 100% WHOLE GRAIN KAMUT FLOUR. Absolutely no white or refined flour.  Finally Bread that you can eat without pain! 


"Great place. Great service. Great for ppl with Crohn's. Highly recommended. All their breads are natural and beneficial for guy health. Very low in carbs and they healthiest breads in the market."            Honey

"I was never in to eating healthy ! My wife has Crohn’s disease so we heard that the bread is amazing so we tried it and she loved it! She try to get me to eat it I was like no! My whole life I was in good shape I had a sixpack in the past two months I start a gaining some weight so I started going to the gym and realize how hard it is to actually lose weight . So I said I’ll give this brother shot what’s the worst that could happen literally a week and a half after eating the bread i’m not exaggerating I got 10 compliments of how much weight I lost! Now this bread is my fix and I refuse to eat any other bread! I highly recommend anyone who has health issues or wants to lose weight!"


"The best of the best. The breads are delicious & the fresh vegetable vegan a real treat. It all tastes good but even more importantly, it makes me FEEL good. Full of energy & increased mental clarity. "Let food be your medicine"... especially when it's so tasty too! And did I mention that this bread cured me of gluten intolerance? This is the real deal and worth driving for! "          Melania Aldo

"Baruch HaShem I believe Joseph’s organic bakery was the best tasting, filling, digestive friendly breads and I’m so happy they’re located nearby in Miami! I’m so thankful for all that they’ve done and continue to do! May hashem bless you guys with all that you’re heart desires for good and all the blessings!  Moshiach Now!"
Eliezer berman

"I have digestive issues. Indigestion. the runs anytime I ate many foods. The whole wheat was worse than the regular breads. Since I started Josephs bread especially the Kamut ancient grain, I have have regular digestion. No runs no constipation. Sugar levels have stabilized. More energy.less cravings. 1/2 loaf per meal I usually eat. Caring and knowledgeable staff. Feels like I am eating REAL Food"

Shaya Sasmt

"I had severe psoriasis on my hand. I also had digestive issues (chronic constipation, stomach pain). I started eating the bread from Joseph's Organic Bakery. Within a month, my psoriasis was gone! At first, I had hesitated to try the bread, I was afraid it would make my digestive problems worse (being that I am generally allergic to wheat), but, the opposite was true. I absolutely love this bread!  When my friends saw my hand, they got so excited I sent them over to the bakery too."

Adam Kadosh

"Shalom I was having stomach issues and eating bad foods and stumbled on this bakery and it helps with stomach pains and digestion issues.. it is also a good bread for proteins, carbs, and aminos i believe that helped my mind /brain /body grow and have real nutrients and real guilt free ingredients to build on with all the junk in this world i am happy to be a patient here and love what they do for the community! Thank you!!! I only wish i knew of them earlier which is why i insist you buying from them asap for people of all ages!! It is a dense bread that fills you up which is why i consider it Mana! Thank G’’D they give a lot of kindness and want to work with you to get them to shed weight/ and even gain wight for body builders, the bakery sells Russian mineral water and other water, there own brand of organic wine, cakes/cookies and catering available and ship in the USA but will hopefully be available all around the world asap with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days"     Rafael



18228 West Dixie Hwy.   North Miami, FL    Phone: 954-541-4062              




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