20 Dangerous Toxins To Avoid In Your Food

There are many Toxic Ingredients that can be Found in Your Favorite Foods. Some are so dangerous that they have been banned in countries around the world, yet somehow they are still legal in the United States. The following "foods" and additives should be avoided at all costs if you want to safeguard your health. Canola Oil: Over 90 percent of canola oil is GMO. Canola oil is a refined oil made from toxic rapeseeds. Canola oil is refined, bleached, degummed, and deodorized using high heat and/or chemicals in the production process in order to increase its stability. This process creates trans fats (on average about 4.6% of the finished oil is trans fats). When heated at high heat (such as i

The Truth Exposed : Toxic and Dangerous Chemicals in Foods Labeled Kosher

Our bodies are designed to consume proper food. Any food that the body doesn't recognize as a food will be a source of toxicity to the body and will stimulate an allergic response, which can manifest in many different ways, such as weight gain, obesity, headaches, eczema, hyperactivity, gout, or brain fog. If we don't heed the warning signs our bodies send us we can eventually develop chronic diseases such as diabetes, IBS, Crohn's, Alzheimer's, even Cancer. Over the last 40 years food manufacturers decided to cut costs and started replacing wholesome ingredients with toxic chemical additives. Even the most basic foods such as commercial bread, milk, and cereals have been tainted. In trut

Weighing In On the Vaccine Controversy Aborted Baby Fetuses in Childhood Vaccines

There are many childhood vaccines routinely administered to children across America that contain aborted baby fetal cells. Some of these vaccines are the MMR II vaccine (Priorix), chickenpox vaccine (Varivax), and the Hepatitis A &B vaccine (Twinrix). The Shingles vaccine for adults also contains aborted baby fetal cells. You may ask why are there aborted baby fetal cells in vaccines? The answer is that viruses need a growth medium. Until the 1990's viruses in vaccines were cultivated in animal cells. In the 1990's vaccine manufacturers began using viruses cultivated in ABORTED BABY FETAL CELLS. Yes its true, human DNA fragments from aborted babies are actually in vaccines! Vaccines whi

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