Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak Paskins about Vaccines

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak has recently paskined that vaccines are Avodah zara (idol worship) He explained that they contain aborted fetal cells, animal cells, and cancerous ingredients. Vaccine research which was conducted by the Nazis was the basis for our current vaccine program, as 2000 Nazi doctors were brought to the United States after the war. Watch this video to hear the psak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=664fUNpFLLc As everyone knows, Auschwitz Holocaust victims were given numbers. These numbers were tattooed on their arms. Today, many childhood vaccines contain "aborted" baby fetal cells. These babies were murdered and their bodies used for scientific research and development. Ju

Big Pharma and their War on Humanity

In the last 100 years, the pharmaceutical & medical industries have been guilty of committing terrible atrocities against humanity, and for the most part they got away with it. Today, the truth is right in front of our eyes, but the question is are we willing to see it? Thousands of coronavirus patients were killed as a result of the ventilators, which are known to pose significant health risks. Doctors & Nurses were all part of this, yet aside from a select few, they didn't protest. We are facing a war against humanity. There is a depopulation agenda being forced upon us by globalists like Bill Gates.(1) President Trump is also involved: he has just ordered 300,000,000 coronavirus vacci

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