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Customer Testimonial: Digestion Drastically Improved!

"I've suffered from bad health for the past 25 years. Digestive problems have been a constant issue. Years ago I had a colostomy bag. Since then, I suffered from terrible bloating and constipation that leaves me unable to function. Every so often, I had to get fluid pumped out of my stomach to relieve the swelling. The worst was the constipation and the fact that I couldn't digest food properly. A few months ago I tried a loaf of bread from Joseph's Organic Bakery. I couldn't believe it- no bad reaction, no pain, no bloating! Every week I come back to the bakery for the bread and the digestive tea. I am happy to say that I no longer suffer from constipation, and my digestion is so much better. Still now I can't believe that I can actually eat bread again. The difference in my health is astounding!" Moshe Broitman

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