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Joseph's Organic Bread Testimonial #1 from Celiac Customer

Where do I begin except with, WOW! My husband and I were walking through the farmers market and happened upon your son setting up your booth. I have what has been diagnosed as Celiac disease and over the last 8 years since finding this out have had unbelievable bouts of headaches, stomachs aches and intestinal pains from eating even the smallest amounts of gluten. I have become so intolerant to gluten that even a small contamination from gluten has catastrophic effects on me. Your son was so passionate and informative about your ancient process of stone grinding (I also recently watched a documentary with very similar discussions) that I had to take the risk of an afternoon of suffering for the slim chance that your theory just might resolve some of my Celiac issues. I tasted a small piece and then bought a loaf to take home. Typically even that small taste would have brought on the headache and some uncomfortable stomach cramps. Then upon getting home, some 30 minutes later, I still did not feel "glutened" and then I took the major plunge by slicing off two pieces, toasting them and covering them with my favorite cheese. I was prepared for an afternoon of pulsating headaches and stomach problems, but to my incredible surprise nothing except an afternoon out and about with my family! In our home we eat very healthy, using only organic fresh foods with nothing "processed" and no GMO products. I cook for every meal with eating out as a true rarity and we never eat in any fast food establishments. The "Celiac" diagnosis has crimped my life in many ways and at the same time has opened my eyes to the industrial methods of today's environment. I am the farthest from a professional in either the nutritional or medical field, but one thing is 100% certain and that is the first and only time over the last 8 years that I have eaten ANY gluten product (even a sip of beer as the slightest of gluten example) that I have not had one negative result latch itself into my day or night. There is definitely something to your theory of stone grinding in place of the modern high pressure heated process of grinding grains into flours, and I am looking forward to you developing more items, like pizza doughs and sweet treats as cakes or cookies! Yesterday was one of those days like looking down and finding a shiny penny on the ground. Where you just smile and say thanks to the universe. Thank you and you have surely found a new lifelong customer!


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