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Weight Loss Testimonial

"Great Products!!!! Lost 11 lbs in 5 days!! They definitely know what they are talking about!!" Amnon Dabakaroff

Our customers are testifying that they are losing weight and managing their blood sugar levels by regularly eating our stone ground bread and drinking special herbal teas. Amnon is just one of our customers who was shocked to see that he had lost 11 pounds in just 5 days on a strict dietary program that leaves him feeling full and satisfied.

He starts off the morning with weight loss tea. Then he eats 2 slices of bread with Umeboshi and a big bowl of salad and veggies. Then he takes an herbal Liver cleanser. For lunch its a Chaga Mushroom smoothie, 2 slices of bread, salad drizzled with olive oil and weight loss tea. Dinner is 2 slices of bread with olive oil sprinkled with special salt, another salad and weight loss tea.

Special teas and salts are available at Joseph's Organic Bakery

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