Can you Really Eat Bread and Lose Weight?

Low carb high protein diets are the craze right now for weight loss, however, the healthiest way to lose weight is by actually eating carbs, especially if you're trying to achieve sustained weight loss.

Of course you can lose weight on the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, and the ketogenic diet, but at what cost? Over-consumption of nuts and animal protein is just not a safe long term solution for weight loss. These diets put a lot of extra strain on the kidneys. It can take many, many years for such damage to be detected by blood tests, and by the time it is detected, extensive damage might have already occurred.

Nuts cannot and should not replace grains. Their high phytic acid content is a health risk when consumed long term.

Consuming too much animal protein including red meat, chicken and fish severely taxes not only the kidneys, but also the heart. The liver can break down some of the protein, but the body has to store the rest of the protein somewhere. The excess protein is converted into collagen fiber built into the basal membranes of the capillary walls. Collagen is 100% pure protein. This results in a thickening of the blood capillary walls. When the main coronary arteries begin to thicken, a heart attack or stroke can occur. Which of course, puts the brain at serious risk.

B vitamins found in grains like wheat, spelt and kamut are necessary for maintaining mood and brain health. Vitamin E, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Riboflaven, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Pantothenic acid are some of the other nutrients found in wheat and spelt. Vitamin E found in wheat germ is a very important nutrient that so many women lack in their diets. (Thats because wheat germ is often removed from commercial breads even whole grain breads). Some studies have even suggested a link between vitamin E deficiency in the mother and autism.

Researchers discovered that people on low-carb diets do not really lose actual body fat, instead they lose muscle glycogen which quickly leads to muscle loss. The theory behind the low carb diet simply makes no sense and it can lead to muscle weakness, brittle bones, depression, mental deterioration, kidney disease, kidney stones, gout, fatigue, severe digestive distress, and reduce immunity.

So what can we eat to lose weight safely?


Our bodies rely heavily on carbohydrates to function. Our muscle and brain cells are designed to run on carbohydrates. The key is to choose foods that have a high nutrient profile. Nutrients include vitamins, minerals, and fibers. The more fiber and vitamins your food contains the more it will keep your blood sugar levels stable.

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