Eat Bread Lose Weight

You may be wondering how you can possibly eat bread and lose weight at the same time. You've probably been told that carbs and bread are the root of all evil. That is simply not true. Our bodies rely heavily on carbohydrates to function.* Our muscle and brain cells are designed to to run on carbohydrates. The key is to choose foods that have a high nutrient profile. Nutrients include vitamins, minerals, and fibers. The more fiber and vitamins your food contains the longer it will take the body to digest and the more it will keep your blood sugar levels stable, thereby preventing weight gain. Weight Gain and Blood Sugar

Weight Gain is directly connected to Blood Sugar Levels in the blood stream. Stone Ground Bread like the bread at Joseph's Organic Bakery maintains and reduce Blood Sugar Levels because it is high in natural (not added) fiber and nutrients. Refined and processed foods on the other hand are a whole different story. White flour, white pasta, white rice, and white sugar have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients. Refined foods are full of empty calories causing blood sugar highs when consumed. These foods flood the blood stream with glucose, causing insulin surges. Too much insulin secretion promotes fat storage in the body. As our insulin levels continue to soar, more and more fat is stored and a vicious cycle is created. To control weight gain we must first take control of our blood sugar levels by eating foods that are high in nutrients and fiber. Bread was a staple food for thousands of years for a reason. It has the potential to meet up to 70% of our daily nutrient intake. It is especially high in B-vitamins. Most flour today is ground too fine. This causes blood sugar levels to rise too fast. "Whole wheat that is finely ground is absorbed into the blood stream fairly rapidly and should not be considered as wholesome as more coarsely ground and grittier whole grains. The rapid rise of glucose triggers fat storage hormones. Because the more coarsely ground grains are absorbed more slowly they curtail our appetites better." (Eat to Live Dr. Joel Fuhrman page 43).

On the other hand, stone grinding grind grains slowly and softly resulting in large flour particles. These large stone ground flour particles get digested slowly preventing blood sugar surges. For this reason it can effectively reduce blood sugar surges, because of the natural fiber and nutrients it contains. Stone Ground bread is in essence a superfood that has nourished our ancestors for thousands of years. At Joseph's Organic Bakery our Breads and Baked goods are made with 100% wholegrain kamut flour. Kamut is an ancient grain known for its anti-inflammatory properties. We do not use refined flour whatsoever. We stone grind our kamut fresh daily. Our unique preparation process ensures optimal nutrients and enzymes. Change your life and reach your weight loss goals today!

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