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Elaborate Cover Up at the Sight of Building Collapse

Its been 4 days since the collapse of Champlain Towers in Surfside and no one has been rescued other than the first 2 people on Thursday morning. Whoever survived the crash, they are not going to survive much longer. Only 1 body has been pulled from the rubble in four days. Last night we tried to get close to the site, on foot, but police had blocked the road to residents only. The weird thing about it was that the street was eerily quiet, no activity whatsoever near the building. No sirens from fire trucks, nothing. Even the reporter from the Washington Post who was trying to get in as well, was forced to turn around. She told us she has never seen such censorship of a major event. DO you know whats going on here? Why aren’t they letting news reporters in?, she asked us.

If the local authorities don’t know how to deal with an event like this, then why aren’t they bringing in people that do? There should be 400 firefighters on top of the rubble, not 130!

People are dying in there! Where is the urgency?

In Mexico, after the 2017 earthquakes when buildings collapsed, rescue teams and civilians worked hard to rescue those trapped, and the results were amazing. They pulled out many people alive, see the video below.

Here in a first world country, its been 4 days and no progress, its embarrassing for the mayor, the governor Ron Desantis, for the fire department, and for Rabbi Lispker who isnt putting any pressure on his buddy the governor to make faster progress . Hatzallah is not doing anything either, except walking around with walkie talkies and handing out water. Yet they are accepting huge donations. Money is needed now to bring in search and rescue teams! Use the money to save their lives.


Why aren’t they lifting the concrete slabs to get to the people underneath? Why aren’t the firefighters full of dust moving all the rubble?

Maybe the city and local authorities don’t want the truth to be uncovered. Maybe they don’t want the concrete slabs removed, because only once the forensic investigation is complete, then the investigation into the causes of this disaster will begin in earnest and the lawsuits will start rolling in, not only against the condominium association but against Miami dade building and permitting departments, against the former and current mayor of surfside, the city commissioner, and the engineers, for giving certification of use/occupancy to this building which should have been condemned years ago. They are all to blame for giving a certificate of Use/Occupancy to this building which was shown to have faulty cracks under the pool deck and in the garage in 2018. Read a part of the 2018 report by engineering firm Morabito Consultants.

“The report described failed waterproofing that caused "major structural damage" to the concrete below the pool deck and entrance drive, as well as "abundant cracking" in the concrete columns, beams, and walls of the parking garage.

In a recent statement, Morabito Consultants' noted that the 2018 report had "detailed significant cracks and breaks in the concrete, which required repairs to ensure the safety of the residents and the public."

Officials told reporters in a press conference Saturday that the cause of the collapse will be investigated after the search-and-rescue efforts finish.

Are they stalling search and rescue efforts to prevent the start of the official investigation into the collapse?

The stalling must stop.

The people trapped in the building must be rescued now before its too late.


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