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Families Outraged by Lack of Progress in Surfside Building Collapse

4 Days and No Progress. Except for the 2 people rescued Thursday morning and one body last night, no one has been pulled out of the rubble. Even the young boy was saved thanks to a neighbor who stood by the boy until the firemen arrived. Watching the news is painful, with firefighters just standing around.

Where is the sense of urgency? People are dying! Last night we tried to get close to the site, on foot, but police had blocked the road to residents only. The weird thing about it was that the street was eerily quiet, no activity whatsoever near the building. No sirens from fire trucks, nothing.

A reporter from the Washington Post who was trying to get in as well, was forced to turn around. She told us she has never seen such censorship of a major event.

Do you know what's going on here? Why aren’t they letting news reporters in?, she asked us.

Hear what the families are saying. Mike Silber, a first cousin to one of the victims, and his friends offered to dig through the rubble themselves, but were threatened with arrest by Miami Dade police.

Soraya Cohen, wife of missing Brad Cohen, is also angry.

"Thats my uncles apartment, There hasn't been one rescue worker trying to take off the debris" says Mike Silber .

We are being told that there are hundreds of rescue workers, this is not a rescue operation, this is nothing, this isn't even a recovery operation, Maurice Wachsman, a best friend of one the trapped victim says.

Watch the video below where a mother rightly lashes out at Ron Desantis for "not doing enough". ('

The mayor, the governor, and the fire department should be ashamed. The corruption is unfathomable. Whoever is still alive is dying.

Today finally in the afternoon day 4 we are seeing a little bit of progress, but it might be too late for many of the victims.


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