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President Trump: Friend of Foe to Israel? Israel is G-d's land not Trumps

The Land of Israel is not For Sale!

On September 15, President Trump, Kushner, and Netanyahu along with representatives of the U.A.E. and Bahrain signed the Abraham Peace Accords in Washington. What a farce! Under no circumstance should this be considered a peace deal. It was an arms deal between the U.S. and the UAE, with the U.S. promising F-35 stealth fighter planes, EA-18 electronic jets, and Reaper drones in order to get them to come to the table. It was also a business meeting, with all sides brokering deals. But what was the price Israel had to pay for the "opportunity" to have diplomatic relations with countries who for years had been openly anti-Israel? Netanyahu "gave up" the West Bank, gave up the right for it to be an official part of Israel. This is in direct violation of Halacha, Jewish Law, which clearly states that a Jew may never sell or give any part of the Land of Israel to a non-Jew. It is not our land to give away, it's G-ds land. And He commanded us to hold on and to cherish it.

Additionally, there are 121 official and 100 unofficial Jewish settlements in the West Bank. In the original deal which was supposed to be signed between the Palestinian Authority and Israel in July, Israel would have dismantled 85 unofficial settlements, kicking out 13,000 Jewish residents from their homes. Plus Israel would have relinquished 70% of the West Bank to the PA. Thankfully, the PA rejected the deal (they wanted all of Israel, not just part of it). However, its not clear if Netanyahu pledged to kick out more Jews from their homes or not as part of the Abraham Accord. Much of the deal remains shrouded in mystery. But what is clear, is that the U.S. which up till now had pledged that Israel would have a military edge in the Middle East, just pledged the same thing to the U.A.E. Israel just lost its military advantage.

Is this a peace deal that will benefit Israel or America? No its a deal between heads of state scrambling to broker arms deals and business agreements ahead of upcoming elections (Trump) and corruption trials (Netanyahu). Its clearly shows that these Presidents put their own needs ahead of the needs of the countries they're supposed to represent. And it also shows that Trump is clearly no friend of Israel. Trump had pushed for the Deal of the Century with the Palestinian Authority which thankfully failed and still didnt give up. He & Kushner just had to push through the Abraham Accord which put both Israel and America in jeopardy.

In the end, all sides will pay dearly for playing with the Land of Israel.


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